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All Souls College, The Library: How to become a Reader

Subjects: College Libraries


If you are a member of Oxford University, and have a Single Sign On (SSO), please complete this form: Library Reader Application Form (Oxf)

If you are not member of Oxford University, please complete this form: Library Reader Application Form

The Bibliophile

Sebastian Brant, Stultifera Nauis (Basel: Johann Bergmann, 1497)


The Library
All Souls College
High Street
Oxford OX1 4AL


Email: Library

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 279318

Library service hours

Covid Restrictions:

The Library is currently open by appointment only. Full details are given here: Covid arrangements

Christmas/NewYear closure:

The Library will close at noon on Friday, 18th December, 2020.

Closed: Monday, 21st December 2020 to  Friday, 1st January 2021 (incl)

Vacation hours: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Monday 4th - Friday 15th January

Term hours: 9:30am - 6:30pm

Monday 8th January- Friday 12th March

Weekends: Closed

Who can become a Reader?

All current members of Oxford University are welcome to apply to become readers; this applies to both undergraduates and graduates, as well as to fellows, tutors, and researchers from other colleges and departments.  We traditionally support those studying law and history, but the collections, especially the early printed books collections, are much broader in subject coverage. However, anyone who has a good reason to use our resources is welcome to apply.

Although most colleges' libraries are exclusively for their own members, the Library of All Souls College often acquires material which is not held elsewhere in Oxford, purely so that anyone studying here may have access to otherwise inaccessible or unavailable items.

Applying to Read in the Library

There are two application forms: one for members of Oxford University, which requires a Single Sign On (SSO) log on; the other, which does not require a log on, is for anyone who is not a member of the University, which enables all other types of readers and researchers to apply to use the Library.

All students (undergraduate or postgraduate) need to name their tutor, supervisor, or other senior person who can recommend them to the Library.

Fellows, lecturers, and senior members need not provide details of a recommender, but should give details of their position, or reason for needing access to the Library.

Researchers, non-Oxford Students, and Others

Independent researchers and private scholars should inlcude on their application form, the nature of their research and to what kind of material they require access. In some cases, they may be required to provide a letter of introduction from an academic referee indicating their need to consult research material. Please note that access may only be granted on a temporary basis, depending on research needs.

Those wishing to consult special collections materials do not need to apply for readership, but should email the Library directly.