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ebooks: HathiTrust

Introduction to HathiTrust's Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

With the latest COVID-19 lockdown, the Bodleian Libraries has been able to reinstate its membership of the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS). The service makes it possible for University of Oxford members to obtain lawful online access to specific titles in HathiTrust's digital repository that correspond to print books held by the Bodleian Libraries: this represents over 1 million additional ebooks and ejournals.

Only titles where the Libraries already hold print copies are available digitally from HathiTrust, provided a digital version is available. The number of concurrent accesses to the digital resource is tied to the number of print copies held by the Bodleian Libraries - so where the Libraries hold one print copy of a title, only one person can use the corresponding HathiTrust ebook at a time.

As part of the arrangement, the corresponding print copies will be inaccessible for the duration of the subscription to ETAS. This includes print copies that were loanable previously, disqualifying them from Click and Collect. Please note that HathiTrust items cannot be downloaded, they can only be read online.


There is more information about the HathiTrust Temporary Access Service (ETAS) available at the website below.

If members of the University encounter any issues when attempting to access content hosted by the HathiTrust they can contact in the first instance or use the Bodleian Libraries Live Chat service through the SOLO homepage.

Accessing a resource via HathiTrust

Below is a step by step guide for accessing a title listed on SOLO via the HathiTrust's Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS).

  • Search for the title you are looking for on SOLO and look for the 'Full Text via HathiTrust' link on eligible records. It is recommended that you sign in to SOLO beforehand.



  • Follow the link to HathiTrust's platform. You may be prompted for your Single Sign-On (SSO) details. Check you are signed in to HathiTrust: 'Log out' should display in the top right of the menu bar. If a yellow 'Log in' button appears instead, click on it and choose your partner institution, 'University of Oxford', and click 'continue'.



  • Scroll down to 'Viewability' and click 'Temporary access'. If 'Search only' appears instead, please double check you are logged in. If 'Search only' still appears please contact



  • You should be taken to the following screen where you can choose 'Check Out'.



  • A digital, full text version of the resource will be made available to you for an hour in the first instance, though this will automatically renew if required. If you can, please remember to click 'Return Early' when you are done - this frees up the ebook for someone else to use it.