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Northern Ireland Law: History

An introduction to Northern Ireland Law
Subjects: Law

The Troubles

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Northern Ireland -- History -- 1969-1994
Northern Ireland -- Politics and government -- 1969-1994

The Widgery Tribunal Report (Report of the tribunal appointed to inquire into the events on Sunday, 30th January 1972, which led to loss of life in connection with the procession in Londonderry on that day) 21 volumes can be requested from the Stacks

Building human rights, justice, & rule of law

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Political violence -- Northern Ireland -- 20th century
Social conflict -- Northern Ireland -- 20th century
Northern Ireland -- History -- 1994 -

Conflict management -- Northern Ireland
Dispute resolution (Law) -- Northern Ireland
Human rights -- Northern Ireland

Irish legal history

Law Bod's working collection of Irish law is on Floor 2

English law - though for a time only in the English Pale - came in as a result of the Norman invasion of  the 1170s. However, the Law Bod does also have sources for the study of the earliest known Irish laws.

Sources (early legislation and case law) have shelf marks beginning Ireland

Primary Sources

Multi-volume collections of "legislation" in the Law Bod include
Corpus Iuris Hibernici
Ancient laws of Ireland aka Brehon laws (editions of Mss written by Christians recording the earlier Irish tradition)
Statute Rolls of Ireland (temp King John to Henry VIII)
The Irish Statutes - legislation of the pre-Union Irish parliament 1310 (3 Edw II) to the Union (1800)
Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1801 to 1922
Free state & Republic legislation to date

Indexes to Irish legislation at Ireland 30

Major legal journals:

 IJ or I Jur. Irish Jurist OS vv.1-31 (1935-1965) Ireland 300 I50 (sec coll) 

IJ or I Jur. Irish Jurist NS v.1 onwards  Ireland 300 I50 

NILQ Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly Cw UK NI 300 N20 ( HeinOnline has v.1(1936) to v.62(2011)

eg Hand, G. J. “English Law in Ireland, 1172–1351.” Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 23 (1972): 393.

KL403 is where works just on the history of Irish law (all periods) can be found. Depending on what aspect of Irish legal history you are studying, don't just limit yourself to this collection. Remember the subject classification scheme for monographs. Works, for example, on Irish land law will be shelved under the topic KN62 with the geographic indicator I5 in the shelf mark.