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Northern Ireland Law: Parliamentary proceedings

An introduction to Northern Ireland Law
Subjects: Law

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Northern Ireland

Devolution was restored to the Northern Ireland Assembly on Tuesday 8 May 2007 following the election of a four-party Executive.

From 9 January 2017, both the executive and the assembly were suspended: power-sharing between the DUP and Sinn Féin having failed .
On 9 January 2020,  ​the British and Irish governments published the draft proposals to restore devolved government.

The Northern Ireland Executive is made up of the First Minister, the deputy First Minister and 11 other ministers.

Northern Ireland also elects 18 MPs to the House of Commons.

NI on UK Parliament and Gov.UK websites

In areas such as defence, for example, Northern Ireland still comes under UK sovereignty. Please see the Parliamentary Papers guide, 'Parliamentary Papers 2000-' tab to access current material.

The Official Papers section holds Northern Ireland Assembly parliamentary papers. Please contact staff for access.