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Case law of European countries : Multi-national databases

Case law of British Isles

European Union Law

If you need help with the case law of the Court of Justice of the EU, the General Court or EU Civil Service Tribunal, please use the guide below:

Multi-jurisdictional database

EuroTort gathers together leading decisions in tort law from 30 European jurisdictions, searchable by jurisdiction, time period, keywords, full text, or a combination thereof. The cases have been selected by experts from each respective jurisdiction, who have also drafted the English texts presenting the facts of the case and an abstract of the decision

Kluwer Arbitration

Common portal of case law

The search function is available free to all.

By selecting your own language as the search language (click on the appropriate abbreviation running across the top of the web page), and then setting the Search Engine appropriately via the modify the selection link in right hand column (ie selecting up to a maximum of 5 supreme courts so their flags show) you can do a single court or similtaneous search.

As it is free, please do not expect great speed... or functionality. But it should give you at least citation which you may be able to take elsewhere...