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Legislation: NZ

Subjects: Law, Law - Foreign Law

Latest statutory developments

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Parliamentary debates

If you want to find the debates relating to a recent Bill, then the Parliament Bills webpages have done the hard work for you with related links down the right hand column!

New Zealand legislation

 Legislation (Official Versions) Regulations 2015 EIF 5 January 2016: hyper text markup language (HTML) versions of legislation on the New Zealand Legislation website declared official by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, as well as the PDF format version.

Printed resources

For current legislation please use one of the electronic sources mentioned above.
Our print collection is of use for historic research, and for those interested in the text of acts as originally promulgated, or amended only to 2006. It is on Level 1.

New Zealand statutes (1841- ) Cw New Z 010
Reprinted Statutes of NZ (1979-2004) Cw New Z 030 1979
New Zealand Statutes Reprint (1908-1957) Cw New Z 030 1957
Statutory Regulations (1936-1983) Cw New Z 90

Butterworths later LexisNexis Annotations to the NZ statutes
(last updated 2006)

Cw New Z 075 1982


Citations to NZ statutes

Familiar territory for those with an English law training.

Most NZ statutes have an official (short) title, usually given in s.1.
This is followed by the year and (where necessary) comma section pinpoint.

eg. Companies Act 1993, s.26.

If your work includes citations to acts from various English speaking jurisdictions, OSCOLA advises adding (NZ) after the date to make it clear when you are referring to a New Zealand act.

eg Companies Act 1993 (NZ)

Changes in terminology

Due to legislative changes made by the Legislation Act 2012 Deemed Regulations have been renamed Other Instruments. Statutory Regulations have been renamed Legislative Instruments.

Thanks to Steph Carr of Auckland University for the information.

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