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Legal history: western Europe: Germany

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Finding texts and commentary

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Law Germany History
Law Germany Sources
Law, Saxon
Law, Germanic

Feudal Law - Germany
Land tenure -- Law and legislation -- Germany -- Early works to 1800
Feudalism - Germany

Civil law - Germany - History

Some digital libraries of older texts

Lehnrecht & local law (Stadtrecht, Landrecht, Reichsrecht)


Lehnrecht (feudal law)
Herr (lord)
Mann, Vasall
Hulde, Huldigung
Kommendation (act of fealty)
Grundherrschaft (manorialism)
Schöffen (law-finders)


Sachsenspiegel (mirror of the Saxons) Eike von Repgow
Schwabenspiegel  (mirror of the Swabians)
Steiermärkisches Landrechtsbuch, Styrian Law Book
Wiener Stadtrechtsbuch, Vienna City Law Book
Systematische Schoffenrecht

"The reception of Roman law in Germany: an interpretation" by W.Kunkel is in Pre-reformation Germany ed Strauss (1972) which can be ordered from Closed Stacks