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Subjects: Law

OHCHR Resources

The High Commissioner for Human Rights is the United Nations official responsible for its efforts to promote human rights internationally. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) works with the Human Rights Council (formerly the Commission on Human Rights) and treaty bodies in coordinating and monitoring human rights issues in accordance with international conventions and treaties.

In December 2010, the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, delivered a speech in New York calling for worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality and protection of LGBT individuals from violence and discrimination. In June 2011, the Human Rights Council adopted resolution 17/19 (PDF), commissioning a study on discrimination and violence against LGBT individuals. This report was published in November 2011 as 'Discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity' (A/HRC/19/41, PDF). In March 2012 there was a panel discussion of the report: the first formal debate within the UN on LGBT rights.

International law

The public international law section on Floor 3, contains books on human rights and equality at Internat 570. Books are arranged within the section by author's surname. This collection includes the European Court of Human Rights materials