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LawBod FAQs: FAQs: Printing, Scanning & Photocopying

Subjects: Law

Managing your PCAS account

PCAS is the way Bodleian Libraries offer readers a system to print, photocopy or scan using a Bodleian Library printer/copier.

The Bodleian Libraries Username & Password = PCAS Username & Password

All Oxford University and Bodleian Library card holders have a Bodleian Libraries username and password.

The username is the number just above the barcode on their University/Bodleian Library card.

The password associated is intially set to a default value (library staff can tell you what it is) - everyone is strongly recommended to change this to a secure password as soon as possible via the online facility below.


Adding credit to your PCAS account

Transferring credit from the former PCAS system to the current one

The Bodleian Libraries PCAS authentication system changed on 6 Sept 2016. If you had still had credit on a PCAS account which you were using before this date, then you need to use this portal to transfer the remaining credit to your new PCAS account.

Printing, scanning, & photocopying in the Law Library

PCAS: Copying and scanning
Self-service copying/scanning is allowed for most materials (exceptions include loose-leaf services, fragile or antiquarian items). You are expected to stay within the limits of UK copyright law.
The Law Library has 5 self-service printer/copiers for readers to use. Three are in the PCAS room off the main Reading Room on Level 2. There is one machine on Level 3, and one on the ground floor.
You will need to have credit in your PCAS account to pay for the copies/scans you make.

There are instructions beside each machine to take you through the steps.

Alternatives to PCAS

You may use your digital camera/ mobile phone camera to photograph pages of Law Library material provided you stay within the limits of copyright, and provided you don't use flash.  Please also respect the privacy of others: you are not allowed to take photos of readers, staff, or general shots of reading rooms.

You may not bring in a personal flat-bed scanner - but you could use  a handheld scanner, provided you stay within the limits of copyright. Please check with staff first if the item you would like to scan from is old, fragile or a loose-leaf service.



It is possible to send print jobs from Bodleian computers, your laptop, your mobile phone or even your home computer to the printer/copiers in Bodleian reading rooms. Read all about it via link below.

The printing is paid for by your account. This may be more expensive than doing printing at home or college
When you next log into a Bodleian copier/printer with your PCAS username/password and all print jobs sent to your account will be waiting for you, provided you do not leave it too long to collect them: after the lapse of 72 hours any uncollected print request will be purged from your account.

Laptop and remote printing system

RemotePrint is a web based system that allows you to send print jobs from your laptop, home PC and mobile phone to PCAS.