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People on the move: laws & HR responses: Journals, articles & papers

Subjects: Law, Refugee Studies

Journals from other disciplines

Finding articles, chapters, & papers

There are special tools - make use of them!

Law Journals - in print and online

European journal of migration & law EJML Euro Comm 300 E97
Immigration, asylum and nationality law aka IANL Cw UK 300 I5
Journal of immigration, asylum and nationality law JIANL  
International journal of refugee law IJRL Internat 300 I167
Yearbook of international humanitarian law YIHL Internat 300 Y60

All the above specialist journals are in the Law Library. Articles on the topics of this guide are likely to appear in other journals too - see box to right for some indexing services to help you discover them.

The Social Science Library will have other potentially useful titles - SOLO search results will lead you to them.