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Digital theses and ORA: Open Access

Making your thesis file Open Access

You may wish to make your thesis file available immediately, waiving any embargo period to your work. If this is something that you wish to do, on deposit you have a choice of selecting immediate release for your thesis via ORA. You may wish to consult with your supervisor before doing this.

Making your thesis freely available in ORA will increase its visibility and access to your work, thereby gaining recognition for you and your work.

Other benefits of Open Access include:

  • Free sharing of knowledge to the academic community. 
  • Promoted engagement with the work – it is more easily accessible and therefore more likely to be read and cited.
  • ORA makes notoriously elusive items such as some conference papers and posters, unpublished works and out of print items easy to obtain.
  • It publicises the scholarly work and research of the University of Oxford and its members.

But please note that making your thesis freely available in ORA constitutes a form of publication.

As many Oxford theses as possible are made freely available for consultation this means that any person wishing to read your thesis is able to do so. This reflects the global situation with access to theses (see for example DART-Europe e-thesis portal).

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