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Guide for weekly class students: Continuing Education Collections

A guide to library services and resources for weekly class students


The Library has current subscriptions to key journals. All our journals are catalogued on SOLO, the library catalogue. You can also view a complete list in the Library or on our website

Journals are all for use in the Library only. Current issues are displayed on the periodical stand in the Reading Room while back issues may be found  in the Lower Library.

You also have access to University's extensive electronic journal subscriptions. For more information, select the Finding Articles page

Video/DVD Film collection

The Library has a large collection of films. More recent purchases are DVDs, but a large part of the collection is on video.

Films may be borrowed and are in addition to your book loan allowance. Films are on closed access, please ask at the Library Desk. There is also a video and DVD player available in the Library.

Only recordings added during the last few years are listed on SOLO, the library catalogue. This list is an indication of the titles held.

For more information on the film collection, please go to the Library website


The Library has a collection of around 70,000 books covering all subjects. Books are arranged using the Dewey Decimal system, also used in public libraries and some academic libraries. The main divisions are as follows:

000  Computing science, generalities 500  Natural science and mathematics
100  Philosophy and Psychology 600  Applied science, medicine, technology
200  Religion 700  The arts
300  Social sciences 800  Literature
400  Languages 900  History and Geography


Printed subject guides are available in the Library which give more details of the classification. See also the section in this guide on Researching your subject

Most books are on the lower floor of the Library. Books with shelfmark 941.01 and above are on the upper floor

Oversize books are located in the Lower Library (001 – 939) and in the Reading Room (940 – 999) and pamphlets can be found in the Lower Library (001-999). A separate collection of books and pamphlets relating to Local History (Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire) is also available in the Upper Library (001-942.59).

Reference Books

Reference books are available in the Reading Room. These include:

  • English and foreign language dictionaries
  • Subject specific dictionaries and encyclopaedias, for example, Grove Dictionary of Art
  • General reference works, for example, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
  • Statistical works
  • Atlases

Many reference works are also available in electronic format, see the Electronic resources page of this guide