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English Literature for Continuing Education: Other online resources

Bibliographic Databases

Here are some of the key bibliographic databases for English

To find more, go to Databases A-Z, click the All Subjects tab and scroll down to select English.

E-book collections

Many e-books are part of collections. By going to the collection, you can search across all books, or sometimes a subject sub set. Some of the main collections which include English Literature are listed here. You can also access collections via SOLO or Databases A-Z. Individual titles from the collections will be catalogued on SOLO.

Why use databases?

As well as e-books and e-journals, there are other types of electronic resources. These include:

Bibliographic databases index the titles and abstracts of journal articles, books and conference papers. They are useful for conducting a structured literature search across a large range of publications. You can check which publications are included in the search. Though the databases themselves usually don't include the full text, most databases are linked to Oxford holdings so you can easily find out how to access any articles you are interested in. Look for the 'Find it @ Oxford' link.

Full-text databases allow you to access and search the full text of literary and critical works. You could, for example, search for every use of a particular word within the works of a given author.

Specialist websites, for example, a specific author website which combines texts and critical literature, reference works, newspapers etc

Finding databases

If you know which database you want to use,  you can search for a database by title on either SOLO or Databases A-Z.

If you'd like to find out which databases are available, you can browse by subject in Databases A-Z. Within the list of databases for English, they are divided further into types as Abstracts/Indexes, Full Text and Library catalogues.

Other key e-resources