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Family Law: Older Generation

Subjects: Law

International Norms

NGOs, monitors, pressure groups

Ageing and the Law

Genetics, personality characteristics, lifestyle & career choices, economic status, & luck are just some of the factors which determine when (if at all) individuals encounter the disadvantages of age - real (reduced mobility, impaired capacity, fraility, etc) or perceived (ageism).

NatCen's ELSA (see below) looks at the experience of those 50 years and older.

International bodies such as the UN & WHO make the qualification for older as 60 years and over.

In England

  • a ‘default' or forced retirement age no longer exists.
  • the age at which women & men can draw a state pension is being adjusted to reflect equality & increased life expectancy: Pensions Acts of 2011 &  2014. By 2020 the qualifying age for a State Pension will have risen to 66. (Calculate individual SPA)
  • After 70, driving licences must be renewed every 3 years.
  • On 1 December 2016  the upper limit for jury service was raised to 75

Some of the subject searches which should find useful texts in SOLO.

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