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Family Law: Books

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International families

Private Int is the shelf mark for Private International/ Conflict of Laws responses to family law across jurisdictions.

Finding Texts on Topic

Subject search the catalogue via SOLO:

Domestic relations  will find the works covering all (or nearly all!) aspects of family law.

You can filter by adding the name of a jurisdiction eg England or France.

Then it is often helpful to sort results by date newest.

There are a number of more specific subject searches such as 

Marriage law
Husband and wife
Support (Domestic Relations)
Inheritance and Succession

The left hand column on the results page - Refine your results by Topics -  will help you discover them

Browsing the open shelf collection on Floor 2

General works on family law have shelf marks beginning KN170  More specific sections on

KN173.6     Mediation & Family Law

KN173.82   Child Abduction (Civil Cases)

KN175        Domestic Violence

KN176.4     Child Abuse

KN181.4     Family Provision & Social Security

KN125.6     Family Provision & Wills

Other parts of the collection which may also be useful include

KM543.42   Child Abduction (Criminal Cases)
​KN58.1       Family Settlements
KN58.2       Marriage Settlements (e.g. dowry, property)

Note: After the books on English/UK law are shelved those looking at how the topic or issue has been treated in other common law jurisdictions. These are indicated by the following codes in the third line of the shelf marks on the books: A8 Australia, CI Canada, I5 Ireland, N4 New Zealand, S3 Scotland, U4 United States of America.

Commentary on E&W Family Law