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Family Law: Law reports

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Cases from other jurisdictions?

Report series for English family law

Citations to Published Law Report Series & Online availability

Fam it is part of the ICLR series of The Law Reports. Holders of an Oxford SSO can read these reports Westlaw UK,  LexisLibrary & ICLR.3
FLR (Family Law Reports) (formerly Jordan Publishing) are available on LexisLibrary.
FCR Family Court Reports are on their own in a separate database.

The abbreviation Fam LR could be to the Scottish series - available via Westlaw UK - or the Australian available via LexisLibrary

BAILII & free access to transcripts of family court decisions

"As of 22 April 2014 a new combined Family Court structure and a simplified single system came into effect for England and Wales - in which all levels of judge are able to sit in the same building."

Pre - 22 April 2014 Family Court judgments:  archived databases of transcripts

On open shelf on Floor 2

(Butterworths) Family Court Reports 2000- Call Number: Cw UK 120 F10
Family Law Reports 1980 -     Call Number: Cw UK 120 F20    
Law Reports, The: Chancery & Family Law Division    Call Number: Cw UK 120 L113

Family Law Reports (W. Green) 2004 -  Call Number: Cw UK Scotl 100 G50


If you don't have access to an online database to find case law developments, the print services

The Digest at KZ 4 and the Current Law Yearbook at KZ 6 are also available on Floor 2.