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Finding aids for maps: Want a map image?

Images of maps from the Bodleian collections

Looking for a map image you can use? You can search through thousands of images from the Bodleian's collections on our image site, Digital Bodleian, including hundreds of maps, and download copies for your own use.

If you can't find the image you need there, maps from our collections can be photographed by our Imaging Services department. They also handle permissions if you want to publish the image. The process takes a few weeks.


Map image searching: where else to look

As well as the Bodleian's collections, there are lots of other places to look for map images:

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection has thousands of images; it's international and is particularly strong in material relating to the Americas.

The Perry-Castañeda collection at the University of Texas at Austin is excellent for twentieth century topographical mapping as well as general maps showing a whole country. It also includes a section on online maps of current interest, which is useful if you're looking for something that relates to a recent news story.

The British Library's Images Online site contains many maps from their collection.

The Royal Geographical Society's Picture Library contains hundreds of maps and related images.

Google Images is remarkably good for antiquarian maps, as it includes many images posted by map dealers.