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John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera for Historians: Indexes

A general guide to the John Johnson Collection for Historians


Window bill for Encre L. Marquet, by Eugene Grasset, 1892

(C) John Johnson Collection: Window Bills and Advertisements folder 3 (17)

Finding indexes

Indexes are online as pdfs Alphabetically and by Broad theme.  These indexes are not itemised lists but are intended to show the type of material included in each section and its arrangement.  Work on our indexes is ongoing. If you do not find the index to a subject heading which interests you, please contact us. 

If there is an index does this mean the section is not catalogued?

No. Eventually all sections will have indexes, but only some sections have been catalogued.

Use this table to find the status of the section which interests you.

If there is no online index, please email:


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