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Ukrainian language and literature: Transliteration


The Ukrainian letters in red are letters for which there is no equivalent in Russian or where the transliteration differs from Russian.

Transliteration of Ukrainian

LC transliteration of Ukrainian
А а a
Б б b
В в v
Г г h
Ґ ґ g
Д д d
Е е e
Є є i͡e
Ж ж z͡h
З з z
И и (u)
І і i
Ї ї ï
Й й ĭ
К к k
Л л l
М м m
Н н n
О о o
П п p
Р р r
С с s
Т т t
У у u
Ф ф f
Х х kh
Ц ц t͡s
Ч ч ch
Ш ш sh
Щ щ shch
Ь ь
Ю ю i͡u
Я я i͡a


You will need to be able to type in Cyrillic.  It is quite easy to instal a Cyrillic keyboard onto a computer these days.  However, if you do not have access to a Cyrillic keyboard, the Russian search engine Yandex offers a virtual keyboard which you can use when necessary as it has a Ukrainian keyboard option.