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Ukrainian language and literature: Journals

Fin ding Ukrainian-language journals

How to locate journal articles on Databases A-Z

If you are working from a reading-list and if you have a reference the first step is to go to Databases A-Z and select a bibliographical database.  The following databases have material relevant to Ukrainian and Slavonic language and literature.  Most of the articles indexed in these databases will be in English and other European languages.  For articles in Ukrainian and other Slavonic languages see below.

Note: you can only find journal articles in these databases.  You will NOT find journal articles in the online library catalogue (unless you do a Journal articles search on SOLO!)

Ukrainian journals

Find e-journals

  Here are some examples of some journals which can be accessed through Find e-journals. Note sometimes access may only be to back-numbers and may not include the most recent issues.

The Slavic and East European journal

The Slavonic and East European Review