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Bandar Collection

In 2000 HRH Prince Bandar Salman Al-Saud generously donated 360 books to the Bodleian Law Library. The books, in Arabic, mainly focus on international commercial law, including the international law governing the arbitration of disputes between countries, world trade, company law, bankruptcy, employment law, commercial law, banking and leasing; some deal with constitutional law, criminal law and civil law. Some books are comparative studies of aspects of law in two or more states. A small number treat the relationship of modern law with Islamic law (shariah). Some focus on Saudi Arabian law.

They are shelved on Floor 3 of the Bodleian Law Library immediately after the Islamic Law collection (which is made up of books about Islamic law in European languages). (SOLO will reveal works of interest kept in the Islamic Studies Library and other Bodleian Libraries. Those works in Arabic held in the Bodleian Bookstacks can be ordered to the Law Library via SOLO.)

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