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Singapore : legal resources: Constitution

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Singapore constitution

  • The Singapore Constitution has been heavily amended since separation from Malaysia. What was intended as a temporary measure, adopted by Parliament on 22 December 1965, has remained the only operational constitution Singapore has had since independence.
  • Made up of:
    •  The Constitution and Malaysia Singapore Amendment Act (Act No.53 of 1965)- transferred all legislative and executive powers to the new Government of Singapore. 
    • The Constitution of Singapore Amendment Act (Act No. 8 of 1965)- Amended the State Constitution. Changed procedure required for constitutional amendment.
    • Republic of Singapore Independence Act RSIA of 1965 (Act No. 9 of 1965) - Vested the powers relinquished by the Constitution and Malaysia Singapore Amendment act in the legislative branch of government.
  • There has since been a recent reprint of the Constitution, which incorporates all amendments.
  • Constitutional supremacy.
  • Thio Li-ann has argued that the current Constitution forms a hybrid between parliamentarianism and presidentialism
  • The Constitution cannot be amended without a two-thirds majority vote on the second and third readings.
  • Singaporean courts cannot offer advice on the constitutionality of laws.
  • The President may seek advice on constitutional issues, from a panel of no less than three judges of the Supreme Court.

The Singapore Constitution can be found online via the following link:

Citing the Singapore constitution

For citations to articles in the current constitution, a widely recognised practice is to use the following abbreviation:

Const., Art. 1

For any of the earlier constitutions, put the year of its formation first eg. 1946 Const., Art. 2