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Criminal law: Books: criminal theory

Criminology & Penology in the Law Bod

Searches in SOLO will reveal that two Bodleian Libraries share the criminology titles in Oxford: the Social Science Library (SSL) and the Law Bod. Fortunately, we are very near neighbours - 8 minutes walk, if you dawdle!

In the Law Bod, the largest collection of criminological commentary (journals 2000 onwards, books) is on open shelf on Level 3.This collection has shelf marks beginning Crim, with books shelved according to the in-house subject arrangement below:

Crim 500 - General history and theory of criminology; surveys of crime

Crim 520 - Classification of crimes; criminality of special classes

Crim 525 - Female delinquency

Crim 530 - Crimes against the person

Crim 535 - Sexual offences and offences against decency

Crim 540 - Crimes of addiction

Crim 545 - Political crimes

Crim 550 - Crimes against public order

Crim 560 - Crimes against property

Crim 565 - Motor vehicle offences

Crim 570 - Detection and prevention of crime; criminal science

Crim 575 - History and organization of the police, including biography and memoirs

Crim 580 - Secret police and political repression

Crim 590 - History of crime and collected cases

Crim 595 - Individual crimes and cases

Crim 600 - General history and theory of penology

Crim 620 - Imprisonment

Crim 625 - Political prisons and concentration camps

Crim 630 - Corporal punishment

Crim 640 - Capital punishment

Crim 660 - Other sanctions -- e.g. fines, exile, etc.

Crim 670 - Probation, parole and after-care

Crim 700 - Juvenile delinquency

Crim 710 - Juvenile courts

Crim 720 - Treatment of juvenile delinquency

SOLO searches will also reveal some useful books in the Law Bod with shelfmarks beginning KM and Jurisp These are on open shelf on Level 2.

Analysis, Theories, Policy Developments

Subject searches to use in SOLO to find monographs


Criminal law -- Philosophy
Criminal  justice, Administration of    Philosophy

Sociological jurisprudence

Law -- Psychological aspects
Deviant behavour

Antisocial personality disorders
Criminal psychology

Pay careful attention to the shelf marks, as you may find that your interest takes you to various sections in the Law Library (as well as possibly into the Social Science Library!)

Shelf marks in  Law Bod

Crim short for Criminology - see box to left for the subject arrangement within this collection

 Jurisp short for Jurisprudence. This a discrete collection, and the arrangement within the collection is then by last name of author/editor, rather than by topic.

KA & KM  indicate books arranged by the Moys Classification scheme. Predominately UK - based analysis, but also Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, and United States of America.