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Print resources

Halsbury's Laws is an authoritative encyclopaedia of law in the England and Wales. Volumes 25 to 28 (5th ed) will give you an overview of English criminal law, while the footnotes will direct you to the most important cases, legislation and commentary in that area. The print volumes are at KZ1 in the main Reading Room. Use the Cumulative Supplement to check for any new developments in the law since the volume was printed.
OU members can access Halsbury's Laws electronically via Lexis®Library. (use link below)

Monographs on the English law are shelved on Level 2.


KM 500 – KM 565 Criminal law

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KM 570 - KM 690 Criminal procedure

Please take care if shelf browsing! After the books on the criminal law in England & Wales are shelved books on the topic from other jurisdictions. If the third line of the shelf mark is A8 the work will be on Australian criminal law or procedure, C1 Canadian, I5 Ireland, N4 New Zealand, S3 is Scotland, finally U4 is United States of America

Below are some of the terms used to classify works in this area if you wish to do a subject search in SOLO. Add England to limit results to this jurisdiction. Remember to change the right hand drop down menu to In subject.
     Criminal law
     Criminal procedure
     Administration of Criminal justice
     Criminal Liability
     Sentences (Criminal procedure)

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