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Criminal law: Legislation

Legislative Background

English legislation

The best way to find the current (amended) text of English acts/statutes is to go to a subscription database: holders of an Oxford Single Sign On should consult either Westlaw UK or LexisLibrary.

The advantage of the electronic delivery of the text of legislation is that it can be kept up to date much more efficiently: and they can retain libraries of historic (point in time versions) too. 

The UK government has a freely accessible website for legislation - but unfortunately it is often slow to incorporate recent developments (eg amendments, repeals of sections). It is, however, a reliable source of the text of acts as originally promulgated.

Printed resources

Halsbury's Statutes 

Classmark: KZ 2 on Level 2.

Multi - volume work arranged by broad subject area.  Has statutes as amended and annotated with a looseleaf updating service.

Student-friendly, potential time saver is the most recent edition of Blackstone's statutes on criminal law  at KM500 BLA Although this is usually updated annually, it can nevertheless slip behind the current state of legislation.

Current Law Statutes annotated

Classmark: KZ 5 on Level 2
From 1947 onwards.  Arranged by year.  Contains statutes as originally enacted with annotations.