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Latin American Studies: UPDATES


Recently acquired databases and online resources

Latin American Newspapers, Series 2 (1805-1922)

"This second series of digitised Latin American Newspapers significantly expands the number of searchable titles made available from this region in Series 1. It provides issues from more than 250 additional titles and contains newspapers published in English, Spanish and Portuguese from 20 countries, including some countries and cities not represented in the first series." Access via SOLO.

Caribbean Newspapers, Series 1, 1718-1876

"Created in cooperation with the American Antiquarian Society, this collection gives scholars access to more than 150 years of Caribbean and Atlantic history, cultures and daily life. Featuring more than 140 newspapers from 22 islands, it chronicles the region’s evolution across two centuries through eyewitness reporting, editorials, legislative information, letters, poetry, advertisements, obituaries and other news items." Access via SOLO.

Cuartel General del Sur, 1910-1925

"The collection contains correspondence addressed to Emiliano Zapata; combat reports; relations with troop commanders and officers; promotion and appointment requests; allegations of abuses committed by military personnel; applications for food, uniforms and ammunition; letters and telegrams on the transfer of prisoners." Access via SOLO.

Emiliano Zapata, 1901-1919

"This collection comprises documentation related to the activities of Emiliano Zapata and the Liberation Army of the South. It consists mainly of correspondence exchanged between the headquarters and the camps and regional commands." Access via SOLO.

Feminism in Cuba: nineteenth through twentieth century archival documents

"This collection, compiled from Cuban sources, spans the period from Cuban independence to the end of the Batista regime. The collection sheds light on Cuban feminism, women in politics, literature by Cuban women and the legal status of Cuban women." Access via SOLO.

BBC Monitoring

[Includes Latin American coverage] "BBC Monitoring (BBCM) is a specialist service within BBC News that tracks, translates, analyses and summarises global media to help you make sense of world events. This service has been capturing essential media insights for governments, NGOs, academia, corporates and intergovernmental organisations since 1939. From social media to TV, digital news sources and radio, BBCM monitors a wide spectrum of publicly available information." Access via SOLO.

History Lab - Freedom of Information Archive (FOIArchive)

[Includes Latin American coverage] "Drawing on US and UK declassified documents, History Lab analyses rich but fragmented documents to explore key political topics and international relations of the global 20th century. By bringing together fragmented collections in a common database, the user can use natural language processing and machine learning tools to explore them. The ultimate goal is to develop history as a data science so that citizens can keep government accountable in the age of big data. Access via SOLO.

Latin American & latinx visual culture

"Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the most current international research on the visual culture of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, as well as that created in diaspora." Access via SOLO.


"LatinNews is the most important source of analysis and news provider for our institution when it comes to authentic information and accurate, insightful analysis on Latin America." Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, Heideliberg University. The Library had a long-standing subscription to the print Weekly and Regional Reports. During the pandemic subscriptions were changed to online only. Weekly reports, Regional reports.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Latin American History

With just under 200 articles available, this Oxford Research Encyclopedia provides in-depth overviews of the major areas of research and will continue to grow with the field over time. Access via SOLO.