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Asia : guide to legal resources: Sr-Ta

Subjects: Law

Sri Lanka

If you are new to studying this jurisdiction,  reading the article on Sri Lanka in the OIELH (via link below) would be useful to understand the complexity of the  current legal system.

Our collection of monographs are on Level 1 (one floor below the entrance level) accessible via both stairs and a lift.
There are two shelf marks those starting
Cw Ceylon published pre-independence. Example:

H. W. Tambiah Sinhala Laws and Customs (1968) at  Cw Ceylon 510 T155b 

Cw Sri Lanka for works published since independence. Example:

Benjamin Schonthal Buddhism, politics and the limits of law : the pyrrhic constitutionalism of Sri Lanka (2016)


Taiwan (Republic of China, RoC)

Since 1949, Taiwan has maintained independent governent - but the PRC views the island as part of its territory.  For an overview of the public international law question, see the article on Taiwan in the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL) via first link below

Our monograph collection for Taiwan is on Level 1, one floor beneath the entrance level accessible via stairs and lift.
New to this jurisdiction? see Chang-fa Luo The legal culture and system of Taiwan (2006) Taiwan 510 L964a
The system shows influences from traditional Chinese, Dutch, Japanese and American legal traditions.