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European countries: legal resources: European legal resources

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Pan European tools

or at least pan-EU tools!

Using this guide

Navigate through this guide by clicking on the pertinent tab above this box (below the main title of this guide). For example, if you are interested in sources for Swiss law click the tab Sp-SW

The Law Bod print holdings vary in strength. The current collections are on Level 3 - except for Ireland which is with the British Isles on level 2.
Our largest collections, and best subscription databases are for those jurisdictions taught at Oxford - France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. But this guide is designed to also be a portal to reliable online resources to supplement what we have.

Just looking for a reliable English translation of a country's constitution? Try:

Just looking for a court judgment? Try 

(Also) interested in the law of the European Union? Go to 

New to a jurisdiction?

Try the invaluable, free online guides to foreign jurisdictions are available as part of Globalex, published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law. "GlobaLex is committed to the dissemination of high-level international, foreign, and comparative law research tools in order to accommodate the needs of an increasingly global educational and practicing legal world."

The link below takes you to the jurisdiction index - scroll down till you find the country (countries) you are interested in.