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Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics: Journals & Proceedings

Guide to Oxford University library resources, facilities and services for DPAG.

Search SOLO

Electronic journals

The Bodleian Libraries subscribe to over 28,000 e-journals. These are listed by title on SOLO and the OU e-journals list.

If you are off campus, you will have to log in using your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO). Additional details on setting up your SSO account can be found on the IT Services website.

Printed journals

The RSL houses physical copies of some science journals, arranged in alphabetical order from Level 8 down to Level 2. They cannot be borrowed, but photocopying and scanning facilities are available using the PCAS service. Printed copies of journals are listed on SOLO. The location of a journal within the library can be found under the 'Find & Request' tab in the SOLO record.

Copyright law

Remember, under copyright law you may only copy:

  • Up to 5% or one chapter of a book (whichever is the greater)
  • Up to 5% or one article from a journal issue (whichever is the greater)

Visit the links below for specific questions on copyright:

Request a resource

Document Supply and Inter-Library Loans Service

If Oxford doesn't have the article or book you want, you can request it through our Document Supply service.

Recommend a Resource

If Oxford doesn't subscribe to a specific e-journal or any other online resource, visit the Recommend an e-resource page and fill in the short form. Decisions on purchases will depend on cost and level of demand. 

If you would like to recommend a book, please fill in the form on the Recommend a book page.


Finding printed and electronic journals at Oxford

The complete collection is indexed in the Oxford library catalogue SOLO. Use SOLO to find printed and electronic journals.  

To access electronic journals only, you can use the Oxford e-journals list, which you can access from the OxLIP+ page or the SOLO home page.

You can also search for journal articles in SOLO using the Articles & More tab. If the article title doesn't come up, don't give up! Search for the article under the journal title using the main SOLO search box. 

Below are quick links to some of the key science e-journals we provide. You can find others by searching SOLO or the Oxford e-journals list.

Linking Oxford University subcriptions to web sources


Open Pubmed through SOLO to get access to University of Oxford full-text articles.

  • Go to SOLO and sign in with your Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Type "PubMed" in the search box.
  • Click "View Online".  

Do you have an NCBI account?

  • Click "My NCBI".
  • Find the "Filters" box. Click "Manage Filters".
  • Under "Categories", select "LinkOut".
  • Enter "Oxford" in the search box. You'll get a list of higher education institutions containing Oxford in their name.
  • Tick the box next to "University of Oxford". The University of Oxford link will appear next to records of articles where you can access the full text through Oxford subscriptions.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar with Oxford Link

Follow the steps below to switch on the Find it @ Oxford link and access Oxford subscriptions from Google Scholar results.

  • Open Google Scholar.
  • Click "Settings".
  • Select "Library links" from the left-hand menu.
  • Enter "University of Oxford" in the search box, and run the search. "University of Oxford" will appear below the search box.
  • Tick the box next to it, and click "Save".

Conference proceedings

You can search for conference proceedings through several services provided by the Bodleian Libraries:

Subject Librarian for Medical Sciences

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Karine Barker
Radcliffe Science Library
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