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Biomedical Sciences - First Year: Exploring the RSL

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QR codes are displayed at key points around the RSL. Scan these with your smartphone to get help in navigating around the library and using the collections. Find out more on our website.

About the RSL

About the Library

The Radcliffe Science Library is the main science library for Oxford University.

For basic information about the Library you should consult our website or check the links on the left.

The RSL is arranged over several levels. Watch our virtual tour to get a good feel for the layout of the library and the services we offer.

Level 4 - Entrance Hall

  • Enquiry desk - ask here for help from library staff.
  • Circulation desk - borrow and return books here.
  • Photocopiers/printers/scanners.
  • Self-service book issue machines.
  • Lounge area - comfy seats where you can relax, eat and drink.
  • Networked PCs.

Level 3 - Group Study Room

  • The Group Study Room is equipped with audiovisual presentation equipment and can be booked by any member of the University.

Level 2 - Lankester Room

  • Main book collection.
  • Printed journals arranged alphabetically (P-Z).
  • Quiet study areas.
  • Photocopiers/printers/scanners.
  • Networked PCs.

Levels 5-8

  • Printed journals arranged alphabetically (A-P).
  • Quiet study areas on every level.
  • Networked PCs.

Radcliffe Science Library Virtual Tour

This brief virtual tour will show you the main features and services available in the RSL.

Finding Books in the RSL

Where can I find books in the RSL?.

Books in the RSL are kept on Level 2 of the library (the Lankester Room).

How are books arranged on the shelves?

Books in the RSL are arranged according to the US Library of Congress Classification (LCC), except for medical disciplines, where the US National Library of Medicine (NLM) classification is used. The shelfmarks can be found on SOLO.

Where are books marked 'Closed Stack' on SOLO kept?

Books that are used infrequently are stored outside Oxford. These books have a status of 'Closed Stack' on SOLO.

You can order these books by logging in to SOLO and placing a hold request.

Books you have ordered can be collected from the Circulation Desk on Level 4 (Entrance Hall).

See the SOLO LibGuide for help on placing hold requests.

Key Shelfmarks for Biomedical Sciences

WL - Nervous System

QH - Biology

QT - Physiology

QU - Biochemistry

QV - Pharmacology

Contact the Library

The Radcliffe Science Library

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+44 1865-272800

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