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Tax law: UK Legislation

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UK Legislation in print

 Print copies are good if you want to find the text of the act as it was originally enacted. It is harder for publishers to keep pace with the subsequent developments of amendments, partial repeals etc. (Holders of an Oxford SSO are encouraged to use one of the subscription databases - see links in larger box - to find the up to date text of any piece of UK legislation.) However, if you use their updating services Halsbury's Statutes and Current Law  Statutes (1947 onwards) services offer the best. Both these can be found in the KZ section on Level 2.

Historic (unamended) versions

These, back to the mid nineteenth century are on Level 1. If you need an earlier act, please ask a member of staff for assistance.


Online sources of legislation

 It is important to know if you are looking for amended or unamended legislation.
Unamended gives you the text of the act as it was when originally promulgated: a snapshot of the past.
The free website puts up warnings indicating when it is not yet caught up with subsequent amendments, repeals etc

Holders of an Oxford Single Sign On (Oxford SSO) are recommended to use one of the subscription databases offering amended legislation (see below).These databases also include other information (such as annotations) which can be useful. As well as operating as a bridge between legislation, case law, and commentary.


Background to UK Finance Acts