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Competition law: EU competition law

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EU competition law

Looking for a Reading List title?

When you search SOLO for books on your Reading List you may find that the location is shown as Law Library Reserve Collection.  These books are also on Level 2, but are are shelved in a discrete run. An EU competition law book held in the Law Reserve will have a shelf mark beginning KW. Please ask a librarian for directions when you are next in the Law Library. The books in the Law Reserve collection are available to all categories of readers, not just those on the particular course.

The majority of books on EU competition law will be on open shelf on Level 3, one floor above the entrance level. The books in this section have shelf marks beginning Euro Comm.

With an Oxford SSO you also have access to a number of specialist databases for this topic, some of which include primary sources as well as commentary.

Key EU websites

Where was the dispute heard?

Competition disputes within the EU may be heard by either the EU Commission – Competition Directorate-General (DG Competition) - and/or by a court.

It is important to know whether you are looking for a DG Competition decision or for a court judgment, and if the latter, to be aware that there is more than one court with jurisdiction.

Cases before DG Competition may result in a Commission decision, which will be published in the L series of the Official Journal.  Commission decisions may be subsequently challenged in court. 

The courts which hear competition cases are the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the General Court (formerly the Court of First Instance).

Notifications of Commission competition investigations are published in the C series of the Official Journal and decisions are published in the L series of the Official Journal.  It is DG Competition’s policy to publish all public information relating to competition cases on its website.  Selected notifications and decisions are also published in The Common Market Law Reports Antitrust Reports.

There may also be press releases, freely available from the EU Press Room.     In addition to full text searching, searches by broad topic category (eg: competition), date range and key word are available.

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