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Biochemistry: Web Resources

Guide to Oxford University library resources, facilities and services for Biochemistry.

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Resources for Biochemistry on the Web

  • Blogs and Newsfeeds.
  • Online reference.
  • Scientific search engines.
  • Online tutorials and guides.
  • Online applications and databases.

Information Quality on the Web

 Information quality is always an issue on the web. Anybody can publish on the Internet and there is a lot of inacurate information circulating. Commercial organisations may provide biased information to encourage you to buy or favour their products. The vast quantity of information available can also make it difficult to find what you want.

Using the web for academic research requires you to adopt a critical attitude to the material you find. Always think about who is writing the material, how old it is, if the material is biased in any way, if it is referenced with details to the source.  You can learn how to evaluate web resources using Internet Detective , an online tutorial for teaching skills in finding quality material on the web and assessing the validity of information you find on the internet.

You can help identify relevant material more easily by using a dedicated scientific search engine like WorldWide Science gateway to filter web content. allows you to carry out simultaneous searchers across a range of international scientific databases. These include literature databases, publication repositories and data archives. The service is maintained by the U.S. Government's Office of Science and Technical Information (OSTI).

Subject Guide

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