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Biochemistry: Managing your References

Guide to Oxford University library resources, facilities and services for Biochemistry.

Reference management problems?

If you are having problems with reference management, for example issues installing or using reference management software, you can send a message to our reference management help line. Full details are here -  

Links for Reference Management

Reference Management

Reference Management Software

Reference management software allows you to keep your own personal database of references for papers, reviews and other documents you have collected as part of your work. This allows you to quickly search and review the items you have saved.  Reference management software also helps you when it comes to writing your paper by automatically formatting your citations and creating a bibliography in any citation styles including the EMBO journal style.

Software Available

There are a range of reference management software packages available. The university makes the packages RefWorks and EndNote available free of charge to university members. In addition to these packages, several others can be downloaded free of charge over the Internet. These include packages such as Mendeley and Zotero which provide free basic accounts, although these are limited in the storage space available. If you are using LaTeX to process documents containing large amounts of mathematical formulae and expressions, you may find BibTeX a useful resource.

All reference management software vary in their features.  Visit  'Managing your references' LibGuide for consulting comparison tables, videos and further information for each software. 

Using the Software

Both the Bodleian Libraries and OUCS run a range of courses every term which cover the use of reference management software from basic to advanced level. If you are unable to attend a course then you can contact the library and ask for one-on-one assistance. There is also a large amount of material available on-line to help you get started with reference management software. See some of the other links on this page for where to go next. The box below contains a number of quick start guides for several reference management packages that you can download and print.

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