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Biochemistry: Books

Guide to Oxford University library resources, facilities and services for Biochemistry.

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Biochemistry Books

RSL Biochemistry Books 

The RSL holds the majority of books given on undergraduate reading lists for biochemistry. In addition to multiple copies of popular textbooks, the RSL also holds a large number of specialist works to support learning and research at the University.

How do I search for Books?

Books can be found by searching SOLO. You can search by criteria such as author, title and subject. SOLO will provide you with details of the library which holds the book you want and the book's location within that library.

SOLO lists both physical books and electronic books. You can also use SOLO to check if a book is available on the shelf in the library, order material which is off-site and renew your books.

For more help in using SOLO take a look at the SOLO LibGuide.

Where are Books Kept in the VHL?

QH 430-499 Genetics QU Biochemistry QX Parasitology
QS Human anatomy QV Pharmacology QZ Pathology
QT Physiology QW Microbiology & Immunology W-WZ Medicine

Here's our full browsing guide for Medical SciencesThe Class Number (shelfmark) indicates books on the subject in the Radcliffe Science Library at the Vere Harmsworth Library (VHL) Loanable books in the VHL are located on the second floor.  Reference books are available through a fetching service.  Ask at the Enquiry Desk on ground floor.

Books are arranged by the Library of Congress and National Library of Medicine Classification schemes.

The majority of Biochemistry books can be found at shelfmark QU. Some other shelf marks that will also be useful are -

QD241-441 - Organic Chemistry

QH324.2 / QH441.2 / QH507 - Bioinformatics

QW - Microbiology.

 Many more books are kept off-site. You can order these to be brought to the library using SOLO.

e-books for Biochemistry

In addition to physical books, the library also has a number of e-books which can be accessed by University of Oxford members on or off campus. E-books can be found using SOLO. There are also a range of on-line services which can be used to access out of copyright or public domain books.

Some e-books can be downloaded onto personal devices. See e-Books LibGuide for requirements and instructions.

Selected E-books

Free Collections of E-books

  • NAP: National Academies Press
  • NCBI Bookshelf: a freely available collection of biomedical books hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). It includes a number of core texts on reading lists at Oxford. It is not normally possible to browse the whole book.

Subject Guide

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Need Help?

General information is on the RSL at the VHL website.

For biochemistry subject enquiries please contact Karine Barker-

For other subject enquiries, check our Subjects page.