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Commonwealth Studies: Tools for further research

Key databases for Africa and the Commonwealth

Portals for the Commonwealth

There are many portals guiding scholars to African and Commonwealth studies information on the web.  A selection of key sites are listed below.

Tools for further research

A key starting point for Commonwealth research is the list of the main bibliographies and reference works available through the British Library's 'Help for Researchers' page for African countries.  This lists current bibliographies; key research and reference guides; other research and bibliographical guides; precolonial and early colonial African history; and Africana holdings in libraries and archives.  Similarly the British Library has help pages for the India Office Records, the Canadian collections and Australian and New Zealand collections.  Another useful research tool is the Nordic Africa Institute's Guides to Africa on the Internet.

For Commonwealth legal materials see the LibGuides created by the Bodleian Law Library for Sub Saharan African jurisdictions, Indian LawAustralian Law and New Zealand Law.  For South African law materials search SAFLII which acts as a gateway to reliable and free resources, and the LibGuide for South African Law.  LibGuides are also under construction for Australian, Indian and Canadian Law.  Please contact the Bodleian Law Library for further assistance.


African and Commonwealth Studies Libraries and collections outside Oxford

There are a number of key African Studies Libraries.  A selection is listed below:

British Library - Resources for African Studies.

Centre of African Studies Library, University of Cambridge

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Library, University of London.

Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library, University of London

Royal Commonwealth Society Library at Cambridge University

Nordic Africa Institute Library, Uppsala University.

African Studies Centre Library, University of Leiden.

Frankfurt University Library - Africana collections.

Africa Library, GIGA Information Centre, Hamburg.

African Studies Thesaurus

The African Studies Thesaurus, created and maintained by the Library at the ASC, Leiden, is a structured vocabulary of 12,100 English terms in the field of African studies