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Labour & employment law: Discrimination

Subjects: Law

ILO conventions

Discrimination & Equality at Work in Britain


The legal landscape since 1 October 2010 has been governed by the Equality Act 2010 (2010, c.20) (It replaced the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations Act 1976, and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.) 

Subscription databases are usually the best means to find the current consolidated state of legislation. The print alternative is Halsbury's Statutes KZ2 - remember to use the updating services not just the main volumes.

Case law

Two specialist series which you may not have encountered before are:

EqLR Equality law reports Cw UK 120 E78
IRLR Industrial relations law reports Cw UK 120 I62

These series are digested by Rubenstein's Discrimation: a guide to the relevant case law The most recent edition held by the LawBod can be found at Cw UK 120 I62.1 (Check the last paragraph of the Introduction for the cut off date).


Specialist series you may not have encountered before:

EOR Equal Opportunities Review Cw UK 300 E50
IJDL International Journal of Discrimination and the Law General 300 I124.55

Textbooks and commentaries

Discrimination and worker's rights will, of course, usually be a chapter (or two) in general works on employment law shelved from KN190.

Warning! The looseleaf service Discrimination law shelved at KN191.2 may not be uptodate: check the front pages of the first binder to see when last filed and to see if it is missing any services.

Works approaching the topic from the discrimination/equality as a right are shelved at KM208.
Works on the philosophical basis will have a shelf mark beginning Jurisp.

Texts on topic