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Labour & employment law: Law reports, decisions & cases

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Law Reports: courts and tribunals

Holders of a current Oxford SSO can access all the online resources below.

After the first subscription database there are links to online resources which are free to all.

Printed resources
Two services which may help you track down leading cases are shelved in KZ on Level 2:

Digest : annotated British, Commonwealth and European cases  and/or

Current Law Case Citator and Current Law Yearbook

Printed resources

Law reports are shelved in the LawBod according to jurisdiction.

Where the reports are drawn from more than one jurisdiction, then they will be in General. If a human rights approach was taken to the problem, then you many find them in the section with shelf marks starting Internat.
The list below shows major sources for English and EU labour law cases - those in bold are series you may not have encountered before.

AC Appeal Cases Cw UK 120 L104
All ER All England Law Reports Cw UK 120 A11
BHRC Butterworths Human Rights Cases General 100 B90
CMLR Common Market Law Reports Euro Comm
  British Equal Opportunities Cases Cw UK 120 B43
BWCC Butterworths' Workmen's Compensation Cases, 1907-49 Cw UK 120 B70
EmpLR Employment Law Reports Cw UK 120 E40
EqLR Equality Law Reports Cw UK 120 E78
ECR European Court Reports Euro Comm 100 R313
EHRR European Human Rights Reports Internat 150 E60
FSR Fleet Street Reports Cw UK 120 F50
HRLR Human Rights Law Reports Cw UK 120 H100a
ICR Industrial Cases Reports Cw UK 120 I41
ICR Industrial Court Reports (1972-74)  Cw UK 120 I40
ILLR International Labour Law Reports General 100 I50
IRLR Industrial Relations Law Reports Cw UK 120 I60
  Unfair dismissal : a guide to relevant case law Cw UK 120 I62
  Discrimination : a guide to relevant case law Cw UK 120 I62.1
KIR Knight's Industrial Reports Cw UK 120 K45
LGR [Butterworths] Local Government Reports Cw UK 120 K50
OPLR Occupational Pensions Law Reports Cw UK 120 O15
PLR [IDS] Pensions Law Reports Cw UK 120 P35
QBD Queen's Bench Division Cw UK 120 L127
  Race Discrimination Law Report Cw UK 120 R5
RPC Reports of Patent etc Cases Cw UK 120 R60
TLR Times Law Reports Cw UK 120 T35
UKHRR United Kingdom Human Rights Reporter Cw UK 120 U75
WLR Weekly Law Reports Cw UK 120 W20