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Intellectual Property Law: Books

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Intellectual property  
Intellectual property infringement
Patent laws and legislation
Technological innovations -- Law and legislation

Intellectual property (International law)

You may find that some books on intellectual property law are kept at the Law Reserve.  Just ask a member of staff for these books - and remember to have your University/Bodleian Reader's Card  with you!

The books on English IP law have a subject arrangement, the major shelf marks in table below:

KN 111 Intellectual Property : comprehensive works
KN 112 Copyright
KN 113 Moral Rights
KN 114 Industrial Property
KN 115 Exclusive Rights
KN 116 Infringement
KN 117 Remedies
KN 118 Permitted Acts

Note: After the books on English/UK law are shelved those looking at how the topic or issue has been treated in other common law jurisdictions. These are indicated by the following codes in the third line of the shelf marks on the books: A8 Australia, CI Canada, I5 Ireland, N4 New Zealand, U4 United States of America.

 There is also a collection of books on intellectual property in the OIPRC IP Collection, which can be accessed in the rolling cases on the ground floor, next to the Official Papers collections.