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Intellectual Property Law: Case Law

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IP Law Reports in Print

IP Case Law Quick Start

 Law reports in the Bodleian Law Library are also arranged by jurisdiction. UK Law Reports are on the main floor and start at CW UK 100 and run in alphabetical order by title. For more details about UK case law in general, see our UK Case Law guide.

 If you are looking for cases on one of the databases then you can use the party names to search, but if you are looking for cases in hard copy or if the party names are common, it is better to search by citation. These will vary depending on which jurisdiction your case is based in. For more information see our guide to UK Case Citation, or go to our Research Guides page for information about other jurisdictions. You can also find more information on the OSCOLA website. If you come across an unfamiliar citation or abbreviation, you can look it up using the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations.