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Biological Sciences: Books

Subjects: Biology, Zoology

Shelfmarks for Biology

QH Natural history, biology

QH301-QH705  Biology general

QH359-QH425 Evolution

QH426-QH470 Genetics

QH471-QH470 Reproduction

QH540-QH549.5 Ecology

QK Botany

QK1-QK474.5 General botany, geographic distribution

QK494-QK635 Systematic divisions

QK640-QK707 Plant anatomy

QK710-QK899 Plant physiology

QK900-QK989 Plant ecology

QL Zoology

QL1-QL355 General zoology, geographic distribution

QL360-QL739.8 Invertebrates, Vertebrates

QL750-QL795 Animal behaviour

QL799-QL799.5 Morphology

QL801-QL950.9 Anatomy

QL951-QL991 Embryology

QP Animal physiology


Electronic Legal Deposit

You may find items on SOLO with an 'online access is restricted' notice. The Bodleian receives a copy of every item published in the UK and the Republic of Ireland through "legal deposit" legislation  Items which are received electronically are subject to restrictions:

  • They may only be used on Bodleian Libraries' workstations (not your own computer)
  • You may not save these items or copy and paste from them
  • Only one person at a time can view each item

Many of these items are also available as regular e-journals or e-books which face far fewer restrictions.  To avoid restricted items look out for the green Online access label.

Find out more about Legal Deposit and finding alternative copies of restricted items.

Finding books for Biology


SOLO is Oxford University's library catalogue. You can use it to find both print and electronic material held in collections across the University.

You can search by Author, Title or Subject and limit to the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL).

You can also use SOLO to order off-site material, check your library account and renew your books on-line.

Here's a Guide to using SOLO.

New Books

We add new biology books to the library collections throughout the year. You can keep up-to-date with new printed and electronic titles being acquired by following the links to new books lists shown on the right of this page.

Recommend a Book

Are we missing something from our collections? If you would like to suggest a biology book for the library to purchase, you can do so by contacting the Biology and Forestry Librarian directly ( or you can use our on-line Book Recommendation form. You can find a link to this on the right of this page.

E-Books at Oxford

The library has a large collection of electronic books including many titles from reading lists on Biological Sciences courses.

All of our e-books are accessible via SOLO. Information about finding and using our e-book collections can be found here.

Reference sources

Protocol Series

We have a number of protocol series available as e-books. These publications offer detailed information on research techniques, laboratory methods and experimental protocols. Of particular interest for life sciences subjects are the following titles.

Links to Library Catalogues

New Biology Books

You can use the links below to view lists of new biology books being added to the library collections. You can search the SOLO catalogue for full holdings information for any of these titles.

Recommend a book

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