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Biological Sciences: Keeping up-to-date

Subjects: Biology, Zoology

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Article Alerts

Search Alerts

Many bibliographic databases allow you to set search alerts which will automatically inform you of new publications issued on topics that are of interest to you. These alerts can be sent to you on a regular schedule (e.g. weekly, monthly).

To set up a search alert you will normally have to take 4 steps -

1. Set up a personal account on the database you wish to use, this will allow you save searches and alerts.

2. Create your search and run it to check the results.

3. Save the search as an alert.

4. Set up the details of the alert by indicating how you would like to receive the alert (via E-mail or RSS feed) and with what frequency.

Citation Alerts

Citation alerts can be set to automatically notify you when a particular research article or conference paper is cited by a new publication. Some databases also allow you to set up citation alerts to an author rather than a single publication. You can use citation alerting to help you keep track of who is citing your own work. Citation alerts can be set up on scientific literature databases such as SCOPUS and Web of Science.

eTOCs & Alerts

Zetoc provides access to the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents of current journals and conference proceedings.  Zetoc can be set to automatically send you the contents lists for your favorite journals as new issues appear. Zetoc covers 1993 to date, and is updated daily.

Using Zetoc you can -
  • Set up, modify and delete email alerts for the latest issue.
  • Or set up RSS feeds.
  • Search for citations of journal articles and conference proceedings.

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