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Constitutions and constitutional law: UK cases

Constitutional law in UK courts

In previous centuries,  offences against the state (eg treason trials) where included in collections of criminal cases published as State Trials. Two of the most reputable series are Howell’s/Cobbett’s State Trials (1163–1822) and the New Series (Macdonell’s) (1822–1858) These are in the Law Bod at while holders of an Oxford Single Sign On may consult them online via Justis link below.

Currently in the UK there is not a specific law report series just reporting constitutional law decisions just as there is not a separate, special & dedicated court to hear rights cases. Important constitutional matters may well be taken through the courts to be decided finally by the UK Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords).

Important civil & human rights issues arising in the UK can also be taken to the European Court of Rights.



European Court of Human Rights

Books with shelf marks beginning with Internat are shelved on Level 3, one floor up from the entrance level.

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