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Constitutions and constitutional law: UK

Primary Sources

Finding commentary on English constitutional law

Shelf - browsing
English constitutional law books are on open shelf on Floor 2 in the main Reading Room, principally in the range of shelf marks KM31 to KM 259. (KM300 is where Administrative law starts). The Table below shows some of the individual shelf marks:

KM31 General works on constitutional and administrative law
KM36 Judicial review (constitutional)
KM37 Constitutional reform
KM82 Legislative Power
KM84 Parliamentary procedure
KM113 Executive power
KM141 Judicial power
KM201 Civil Rights


 KL is the shelf mark for books about the English Legal System. Below are some sections which may contain items of use

KL32 Precedent, judge made law
KL34.1 Legislation (drafting)
KL35.1 Statutory Interpretation
KL36 Legislation (theory)
KL200 Administration of Justice
KL240 Judiciary

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