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Constitutions and constitutional law: UK political system

The Monarch

The hereditary monarch is the Head of State.

The nature and extent of the royal prerogative will be considered in any general work on English constitutional law.

Subject search SOLO by Prerogative, Royal - Great Britain to find more focussed works eg The nature of the crown: a legal and political analysis by Sunkin & Payne (1999) KM41.SUN 1999


UK legislature

The two chambers of the UK Parliament are the House of Commons (members chosen by election) and the House of Lords.

An Act usually requires the consent of both Houses, and the conventional Royal Assent before becoming law.

Parliamentary activity

UK executive: HM's Government or The Crown


The Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration is perhaps now better known as the Parliamentary Ombudsman (or sometimes theWestminster Ombudsman). The office exists to investigate complaints from members of the public about government departments.