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Data and Statistics for Social Sciences: Media, IT and Communication

This is just a selection of the datasets related to the topic, while the Bodleian Data Library provides more extensive list of resources.

Internet WorldStats

PEW research centerPew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech

The Pew Research Center's Internet Project offers access to raw data sets from their research which are made available as single compressed archive files (.zip file).
All uses of this data should reference the Pew Research Center as the source of the data and acknowledge that the Pew Research bears no responsibility for interpretations presented or conclusions reached based on analysis of the data.
Pew Research is interested in learning about other ways that scholars use our data. If you publish something based on our data, please let us know by sending us an email. Individuals will need to fill out a brief registration before downloading data. Questions concerning the data sets may be directed to the Pew Research Center.
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Mobile Coverage Explorer

Mobile Coverage Explorer

Includes data for 2007-2009, 2011-2019.

Mobile Coverage Explorer is a representation of the area covered by mobile networks around the world. It is supplied as polygon data which has been created from submissions made directly to Collins Bartholomew or the GSMA from network operators who provide roaming detail for inclusion in the GSMA’s Roaming and Coverage Maps web application. This data is supplemented with coverage created from OpenCellID, the world's largest open database of cell towers.

Online news resources

BBC Monitoring International Reports

Full text from 1979-present available via Lexis Library. Provides access to broadcasts from 120 countries, and emphasises information from counties for which other news sources are not readily available.

FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports 1975-1996

Selected broadcasts, newspaper articles &government statements from around the world, translated into English and issued by an agency of the US government.

World News Connection Archive 1995-2013

Newspaper articles, broadcast transcripts and datelines from around the world, translated into English by the US government.

World News Connection Archive 1995-2013

WNC provides access to over 1 million newspaper articles, broadcast transcripts and datelines, from around the world and translated into English by the US Government. The service ceased in 2013.

UK Data Service

ICT iconInformation and communication

Information and communication technologies are reshaping the world, transforming the way in which we communicate, govern, work, manage crises, do business and spend our free time. These changes are, in turn, driving new policy development to address the societal impacts of digital technologies. The UK Data Service holds data on a wide range of ICT topics, such as mobile communication, telework, social-media, radio, television, internet use, mass media, infrastructure, security and trust. This key research area helps us to understand how the fast evolving world of digital technologies impacts people's lives and communities, changes the way we interact, affects our cultural experiences and could shape our future society and economy.

Go to Discover to search and browse data collections, series, case studies, and ESRC outputs on Media, communication and language.

WPT database

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers

A dynamic continuously updated database includes the summary tables, also allowing users to produce their own, customized reports, which can be exported to PDF or to Excel format.

Available in PDF format via Weblearn.

European Audiovisual Observatory Yearbook

The Yearbook provides a wide range of statistical data on the four main industry branches of the audiovisual sector in Europe: the film industry; television; video/DVD; on-demand audiovisual services. The Yearbook provides three sub-sets of data, delivered as it becomes available: Detailed tables and figures; country profiles; key trends reports. The figures are available in Excel tables and graphs, and the text is available in PDF version.

Username/password are required for this resource: see Weblearn for details.