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Psychology: Websites and Gateways

Podcasts and Videos

Learning Support Resources

Psychology Resources Around the World
: explore resources by country, region or resource type. National associations, standards and guidelines, and upcoming conferences are listed. Developed by the International Union of Psychological Science

TED Psychology: TED talks and articles about psychology.

Clinical Psychology
Mental Health Foundation: access to publications and blog.

Movement for Global Mental Health

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: access to authoritative information on health and social care, including NICE guidance and reports.

Oxford University Department of Psychiatry: research presented by theme, with a browse option to view all the research groups and their members.

Teaching Clinical Psychology: resources for undergraduate courses.

UK Department of Health: access to government publications and policies in relation to the NHS and social care.

Oxford Clinical Psychology Videos:  a collection of videos describing neuroscience research undertaken at the University of Oxford.


The DANA Foundation: gateway to information on the brain, covering resources, events, and the latest scientific research. a platform for large-scale, automated synthesis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data.

Oxford Sparks: Oxford online public science site, with a wide range of multi-media resources on the brain and techniques for studying it.

Society for Neuroscience: worldwide organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system, with access to the Journal of Neuroscience, and information on projects, awards and funding.

The Whole Brain Atlas: collection of images of normal and diseased or damaged brains.  

Oxford Neuroscience Videos:  a collection of videos describing neuroscience research undertaken at the University of Oxford.

Social Psychology

Social Psychology Network: comprehensive site with resources for research and teaching.

Visual Perception

Viperlib: collection of images and videos for the study of visual perception.