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Psychology: Finding Journal Articles

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OxLIP+ guide

Electronic resources for psychology are listed in OxLIP+.

Click on the Subject tab and scroll down to Psychology, then click on this to see the sub-categories. Click on a sub-category and then click Go.

Here's the full Guide to OxLIP+.

Document Supply

If Oxford doesn't have an article or book, order it using our

Finding a specific article

If the article is recent, it is likely to appear in SOLO. 

SOLO has 2 tabs, Oxford Collections and Articles & More. It opens with Oxford Collections as the default. Select Articles & More before starting a search. If the article title doesn't appear, don't give up! Search for the article by journal title using the SOLO main search box or using the OU e-Journals link.

If the article you are looking for is in a journal Oxford doesn't hold, you can order a copy through our Document Supply service.

Searching for articles related to your research topic

Does the use of computers modify the brain? How do antidepressants change the processing of emotions in people with different personality traits? Why do we use our hands when we speak? What does it say about us?

Bibliographic databases are excellent tools for finding full-text peer-reviewed articles leading to citation links and up-to-date information on a research topic. Those below are appropriate for research in psychology and its related fields. They fall into 2 categories: specific and multi-disciplinary.


PsycINFO covers behavioural sciences and mental health - including psychiatry, nursing, business, education, social science, neuroscience, law, medicine and social work.

Medline covers the fields of medicine and pre-clinical sciences, including clinical psychology. PubMed is the free web tool for searching Medline contents. See the box below for instructions on accessing full-text articles provided under Oxford subscriptions.

Sociological Abstracts covers sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioural sciences.

The Cochrane Library provides access to systematic reviews on a wide range of topics related to health care.


Scopus includes medicine, neuroscience, psychology and social sciences.

Web of Science includes health sciences (medicine, neuroscience, pharmacology, psychiatry) and social sciences (psychology, public health, sociology).

To access these databases, go to SOLO, log in with your Single Sign-On, and type the name of the database in SOLO main search box.  

For information on scope, contents, size, and other key features, consult  the table of health sciences databases in the left-hand panel.


Linking Oxford University subcriptions to web sources


Open Pubmed through SOLO to get access to University of Oxford full-text articles.

  • Go to SOLO and sign in with your Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Type PubMed in the search box.
  • Click View Online.  
  • Open your NCBI account. If you haven't got one, follow the steps to register.
  • In the Filters box, select Manage Filters.
  • Under Select Category, select LinkOut.
  • Under Libraries, scroll down and select University of Oxford.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar with Oxford Link

Follow the steps below to use the Find it @ Oxford link and access Oxford subscriptions from Google Scholar results.

  • Open Google Scholar.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select Library links from the menu on the left.
  • Tick  University of Oxford and save.

Oxford University Research Archive (ORA)

Articles on the Web

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