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Pre-clinical Medicine: Plagiarism - Exporting References from Pubmed

Guide to Oxford University library resources for Pre-clinical Medical Students.

Plagiarism Check-up Tools for students

Read the University of Oxford's Academic Good practice page.

Check your knowledge and skills on good academic practice and avoiding plagiarism through these interactive online tutorials.

Seek your Supervisor or Tutor's guidance.  In addition, your Supervisor or Tutor may decide to submit your work through the Turnitin system (accessible to teaching staff only).  Visit Turnitin for product information.

Register with WriteCheck, a charged version of Turnitin for students recommended on Oxford Weblearn site.  Read their warning on sites offering free check up. 

Consult books - suggested readings:

Neville, C. (2010). The complete guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism (2nd ed.).  Maidenhead: Open University Press.  Title available in and print format -shelfmark LB2369 NEV 2010 in the Radcliffe Science Library. 

Pears, R. & Shields, G.J. (2010). Cite them right: the essential referencing guide (8th ed.) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.  Title available in print format- shelfmark LB2369 PEA 2010 in the Radcliffe Science Library.

Exporting from PubMed to RefWorks

How to send references from PubMed to RefWorks

From your PubMed results list:
  1. Tick the boxes of the records you want.
  2. Click "Send to" and select "Citation Manager".
  3. Click  Create File, then Save it as .nbib file. Note the file name. 
  4. Open RefWorks and Log in.
  5. In Refworks, hover on References dropdown and select Import.
  6. Make sure Import Filter/Data Source is NLM/PubMed and Database is PubMed.  You can also select a folder to import the file directly into if you wish.
  7. Click on Import.
    To view the instructions with RefWorks' images visit the Claude More Health Sciences Library, Virginia University's page How Do I Import References from Pubmed to my RefWorks Account?
With RefGrab-it:
This is an additional tool you can download from your RefWorks library.  It is listed under "Tools" on the  top menu bar.
Once installed as a bookmarklet or a plug-in you can click on Pubmed results list and select the references you want to export to your RefWorks Library.
Follow the instructions from RefGrab-it window in your RefWorks Library or visit RefWorks' page Download RefGrab-it.
To view how it works watch Proquest RefWorks' video RefGrab-It: Adding References to RefWorks from Web Pages.

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