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German law: GDR/DDR

Subjects: Law, Law - German Legal

Continuing research

 Aspects of the DDR legal system still attract modern studies, sometimes within general examinations of Soviet Law.

A subject search of SOLO using "Law and Socialism" as well as "Law - Germany - History - 20th century" will help you pick up useful titles.

German Democratic Republic (GDR) / Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR)

The LawBod has a separate collection of works on Socialist legal system of East Germany (1949-1990), shelfmark beginning German DR.This section is shelved immediately after the main collection for Germany (which has just German in shelf mark).

Gesetzblatt der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik 1949-1990 German DR 010
Entscheidungen des Obersten Gerichts der DDR in Arbeits- und Sozialversicherungssachen v.1-9 German DR 100 O12
Entscheidungen des Obersten Gerichts der DDR in Strafsachen v.1-2, 5 -16 German DR 100 O14
Entscheidungen des Obersten Gerichts der DDR in Zivilsachen v.1-7, 10-16 German DR 100 O16
Law and legislation in the German Democratic Republic 1959-1988 German DR 300 L10
Neue Justiz 1947- German DR 300 N30
Staat und Recht 1954-1990 German DR 300 S50

Note that works on East European law would be shelved in the separate General section.

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